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Ball Pumping


Welcome to my boudoir where I do dirty nasty things to Bryan Balldacious’ balls. This evening I pumped up his balls and cock to the point of nearly popping. I love a nice stretched and pumped sack. Digging my nails into the sack searching for the lost balls, kicking, and speed bagging for a good upper body work out, of course.
First I began by placing the silicon ring around his cock and balls. Next I placed the vacuum chamber over his cock and balls securing it in the silicon ring. Attaching the hand compressor to the vacuum I began pumping till I removed 10 inches of Hg (mercury) from the ambient pressure which is about 66.5% of ambient atmospheric pressure which then causes the tissue to expand. I then let his miserable sack sit there for an hour till the balls were plump and ready for my enjoyment.
To my surprise and delight the balls started bleeding blood bubbles because of all the past needles and testicle skewering me and the other girls did. While in sheer pain from all of the pressure Bryan pleaded for me to remove the vacuum to release his balls. I taunted and tortured him before giving him his release followed by some ball abuse.
I love the feeling of encompassing his whole ball sack in my hand and squeezing. Bryan was very sensitive do to all of the skin stretching and plumping so it didn’t take long for him to whine and cry in pain and discomfort, which brought a wicked smile to my face.
His balls are truly mine and he needs reminding of how close they are to being destroyed by my hands.
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