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Ball Pumping

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Welcome to my boudoir where I do dirty nasty things to Bryan Balldacious’ balls. This evening I pumped up his balls and cock to the point of nearly popping. I love a nice stretched and pumped sack. Digging my nails into the sack searching for the lost balls, kicking, and speed bagging for a good upper body work out,   

His Ball Adorn Me

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I’m filled with bright life with the tip of my knife and balls laying right beside me   I take to my stead with intentions to bleed of balls that I cut off inside him   He lays on the floor dripping a gore and whining he’ll never be worthy   I console him some   

Time to Stick that Fat Nut

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Welcome back BBFL’ers! This blog is about your fat nut, if you are lucky enough to have one. With increased injury to testicles often a hydrocele will develop. Bryan Balldacious left nut is the one where a hydrocele has developed as a result of all the trauma it has received. So, being the good wife