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Ball Pumping

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Welcome to my boudoir where I do dirty nasty things to Bryan Balldacious’ balls. This evening I pumped up his balls and cock to the point of nearly popping. I love a nice stretched and pumped sack. Digging my nails into the sack searching for the lost balls, kicking, and speed bagging for a good upper body work out,   

That which wasn’t, isn’t and will never be

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On the list of things I enjoy thinking about, one is castration. How would I castrate a man? What’s my ultimate castration fantasy? Would it be by sword a testicular slaying, by shoe a brutal thrashing, by knife with repeated stabbing, by burdizzo with shear force, by scalpel with precision, by hammer a sloppy smashing, or by shear animalistic brutality?   

Bust yourself in the Nuts… A Tutorial

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Welcome back BBFL nuts! Today’s blog is about self ball busting. Now, since I have the wonderful fortune of not having balls and only getting to bust them I’ve dawned a strap-on with balls for proper demonstration. Honestly what I enjoy most about self ball busting are the pictures catching those moments of self torture! My most memorable moment   

Ballbusting Wife | Welcome to the Upgraded Site!

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He was in the kitchen getting his morning cup of coffee in his usual half awake state. I usually try and give him his space in the morning as I know it takes him a long while before he’s feeling conversational. This morning was different. Thoughts of how warm and loose his ball sack was filled my mind. I started