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Tyler Aria & Cerrid Wen vs Bryan Balldacious

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Tyler Aria & Cerrid Wen vs Bryan Balldacious

We have another competitive match and more to come…. This time it’s 2VS1 with Tyler Aria and Cerrid Wen (aka Jolene the Valkyrie) who team up against Bryan Balldacious. And looking on in the corner of the room as the battle rages is Cerina Duke. This was another custom request that we think you will find to be both competitive and decidedly hot as these two powerful and rabid woman go after Bryan with a passion that will leave a smile on your face and a chubby in your pants!

The gentleman who ordered this custom had the following to say about this video:

“Once again, this is not your usual ballbusting video. It’s Tyler Aria and Cerrid Wen in a competitive mixed wrestling match with Bryan Balldacious. These two red heads are fire, and Bryan is the one consumed in the fires of their aggression. In the match prior to this Tyler proved to be more than Bryan could handle one on one, and when Cerrid joins in, it becomes a complete slaughter. Bryan fights with all he’s got, but between these two awesomely conditioned girls he never has a chance. They twist and pull and squeeze submissions from him left and right, and it’s just one punishing hold after another forced onto Bryan’s tired body, and the girls don’t always released him right away. Bryan is ground into the mat in defeat. Who would have thought girls this beautiful could be so completely brutal.

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Duration: 21 min


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