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Abby is a Testicle Kicker

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Abby is a Testicle Kicker

Abby Paradise is a natural Testicle Kicker, but before this scene Bryan was skeptical of her ability to really hurt him, so he Challenges her to put him down.. ¬†after the first few kicks he eggs her on saying “is that all you got” and “you have not put me down yet” This infuriates Abby to the point she goes at him FULL FORCE kicking his balls!

She then decides she just needs to beat him down, so she finds a pair of boxing gloves and goes after him like a Ferrel Bitch in Heat looking to Rupture some Testicles!

Abby’s high energy level and non-stop attack on Bryan all with a Bratty Attitude quickly puts him in his place!

Top Notch!!!

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Duration: 12 min


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