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Testicle Skewering Sex Scout

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Testicle Skewering Sex Scout

Jolene is a sexy girly scout out to earn her Merit Badge in Testicle Skewering…

It’s an advanced level Merit Badge that is very difficult to obtain, but she is determined to be the first in her Troop to earn this coveted Badge!

…and being Jolene she’s not satisfied with merely Skewering a pair of Testicles! Nope, she abducts an unsuspecting guy by getting him to sample her laced cookies and suspends him naked and helpless at her Troops Summer Camp Cabin in the Woods!

Once she has him strung up and immobilized she revives him.

He awakens to find himself suspended and spread eagle with his balls in a Ball Crushing device!

She then proceeds to Crush his Balls in the Crusher until they are flat!

Once flat, she Skewers his balls not once but 12 times!

But she’s not done…. nope she sticks two more needles into his leaking balls and even screws down the crusher more to further flatten his balls while all the needles are in his balls! This actually squeezes out more ball fluid as they are about to rupture from the combined trauma of pressure and needles violating and penetrating their protective shell!

These balls are about to split open and spill their nut meat all over the place!

Before she removes the needles and releases the pressure, she takes pictures of him and her handy work to prove to her fellow girly sex scouts she has earned her Testicle Skewering Merit Badge!

Who wants to go to Summer Camp with this Troop of Scouts?

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Duration: 32 min


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