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Testicle Skewering Sex Scout Post-Interview

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Testicle Skewering Sex Scout Post-Interview

Fresh from crushing and skewering Bryan’s Testicles, Jolene recounts her experience and describes in detail what it felt like to stick needles through a guys balls.

She recounts feeling squeamish with the first two needles and how hard it was to push the long 22 gauge needles into and through two testicles that were under extreme pressure by the ball crusher, but by the third needle she really got into it and loved the painful sounds of agony he was making while skewering his nuts!

She talks about how surprised she was by all the fluid that shot out when she removedĀ the needles…

Jolene shares much more in this skewering post-interview and challenges Bryan to another ball skewering, but next time she wants to use no less than 30 needles!

Please give us some feedback as to whether you would like to see Jolene back for a 30+ needle skewering video at [email protected]


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Duration: 7 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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