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Feet Destroying Testicles

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Feet Destroying Testicles

Both Agatha and Jolene use their feet to insert needles into a pair of bound helpless balls… but with these two that’s just not enough…. after inserting the needles, they use their toes and heels to place additional pressure on the inserted needles, wiggling them around, further destroying internal testicular tissue as the needles move around while inside the testicles!

Then they break out two syringes, each with 6cc’s of saline! They next place the syringes between their toes, stabbing each testicle….. then using their other foot, inject the saline by pushing the syringe plunger all the way down until the syringe is empty… thus making each testicle rock hard and under great internal pressure!

And just when it looks as if these balls are about to rupture… the girls break out a long skewering needle and insert it into and through both rock hard saline filled testicles! Talk about your testicle destruction!!!

Finally the girls remove, all the needles, skewer and laugh at the pathetic broken balls that they just ruined… but not before placing a final pounding to the balls as a parting gift!

This scene includes 3 camera angles, one is POV (point of view), one is SKY (overhead) and the third camera is operated by a camera person. All edited together for some great testicle destroying entertainment!

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Duration: 27 min


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