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Feet Destroying Testicles – Pre-Interview

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Feet Destroying Testicles – Pre-Interview

Jolene is back to administer more Testicle Skewering, Needling and Injections…. but this time she is accompanied by her partner in crime Agatha Delicious who is dripping wet to have the opportunity to destroy a pair of testicles with sharp objects and injections!

This is the Pre-Interview of the actual Skewering, Needling & Injection scene where the girls talk about the up coming testicle destruction, their thoughts on male reproductive organ destruction and assumptions about what will and may happen when they begin to insert needles into the balls!

Also at the end of this interview is teaser footage from the actual Skewering, Needling and Injections which is set to be released at a later date…. stay tuned!

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Duration: 14 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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