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Stinky Feet 4 Tongue Bath

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Stinky Feet 4 Tongue Bath

Skylar is a very athletic girl who is always working out, playing soccer, boxing and as a result she is always sweating and getting stinky feet.

Skylar talks to you about her problem and how she needs a male who will clean her feet and lick the stink and sweat off of her feet every time she gets home form playing soccer or working out.

In the middle of the video Skylar tells you about all the problems she has with lame guys who try to buy her affections by giving her candy and treats that any thinking guy would know an athletic girl like her would never want… a lame guy even shows up with a large box of candy trying to curry favor with her, but she puts him in his place and tells him to get the hell out of her house.

And as she complains about her need for a good foot worshiping male to lick her stinky feet, she prepares for a boxing class.

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Duration: 7 min


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