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Dinner is Served

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Dinner is Served

Scarlett is out on a dinner date with her man, but in her mind he is anything but a man… he never pays any attention to her, never opens the door for her, rarely does he ever complement her, he would rather watch TV and play games than carry on a thoughtful conversation with her!

When the waiter comes by to take their order, Scarlett tries to involve him in their dysfunctional relationship and get his opinion. The waiter works to avoid getting involved in their mess and tries to deflect. Undaunted by the waiters efforts to not get involved, Scarlett begins to mock both of them and in particular the waiter.

After awhile the waiter gets annoyed and tells the guy he should get away from her because she’s probably menstruating…. this pisses her off to the point she hauls off and punches the waiter square in the balls!

Soon Scarlett takes command of the situation and orders the two boys to strip off their clothes…. and once their family jewels are exposed, Scarlett takes out her frustrations on their balls!

Dinner is Served!!!

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Duration: 12 min


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