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The Shoe Salesman 2

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The Shoe Salesman 2

Dakota is out looking for a pair of shoes for her next night out on the town, and she does not want to spend a whole lot either… so she visits a discount shoe store.

The only problem is that this is a really cheap store, they use and reuse the same box and they don’t even have any shoe horns! So Dakota suggests to the salesman to use his balls as a shoe horn…. the salesman is taken back and does not know what to say when she asks him to place his balls in the shoe to help her foot slip into the each shoe he brings out.

Reluctantly, the shoe salesman wanting to sale her a pair of shoes pulls out his balls and places his balls in each shoe while she slips her foot into the shoe and onto his balls, she then stands on his balls trying to find that perfect fit….

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