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Nerd Boy Busted by Jock Girl 2

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Nerd Boy Busted by Jock Girl 2

Jock Girl is back for revenge in this follow up sequel to the first “Nerd Boy Busted by Jock Girl” as Nerd Boy did a really bad job on Jock Girl’s homework, she got a D! …and he did it on purpose and laughs about it! So now Jock Girl is going to make him pay with his balls!

But to her surprise Nerd Boy fights back (not very well mind you), he hits her with a pillow and manages to pull her top off… which only infuriates Jock Girl even more as she goes for his balls she punches, stomps, knees, kicks and grabs his tiny little orbs… hell she even smothers him with her well toned and muscular ass!

Nerd Boy will certainly be getting her and A+ on her next assignment!

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Duration: 10 min


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