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Duchess Dani vs Bryan Balldacious

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Duchess Dani vs Bryan Balldacious

We have yet another competitive wrestling match for your viewing pleasure and more to come…. This time it’s the muscular and big tittie beauty Duchess Dani who goes after Bryan Balldacious. This was another custom request that we think you will very much enjoy!

The gentleman who ordered this custom had the following to say about this video:

“Duchess Dani makes her debut here at BBFL in her first competitive mixed wrestling match. She’s only been practicing brazilian Jujitsu for a few months, but takes the fight to Bryan with a fury. Right away you can see her superior conditioning, as she has Bryan struggling to fight her off in the opening seconds of the fight. And it’s a situation that persists throughout the match, as Dani keeps coming while Bryan gasps for air. Dani’s inexperience comes into play as she proves she can get Bryan in a submission, but can’t manipulate that hold with the skill to get him to tap out, which allows Bryan to escape many times. Bryan is able to mount good defense and even an effective offense, but Dani’s energy dominates the match even as they both score submissions. If Dani had just a couple of months more training, his loss would have been as embarrassing as his total destruction at the hands of Cerrid Wen. As it is, he puts up a heck of fight and the end of the match is a close one. Look at how close Dani took Bryan to his limit in this match, in spite of her relative inexperience, she shows promise that before long this tattooed beauty will be absolutely lethal on the mats.”

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