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An Interview with Katy Bee

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An Interview with Katy Bee

We caught up with Foot Goddess Katy Bee who came out to Las Vegas for some vacation from Massachusetts.

This is one wild girl! She gets off on sticking sharp objects like screwdrivers up a man’s ass to probe them and see just how far she can stick it in before they can’t handle it any more! She tells us one story where she probes a man to the point he gave up a load of cum but started to cry and was embarrassed because he thought it meant he was gay.

She is very interested in fantasy rrape and forced female on male rrape!

Katy tells us that when ballbusting she gets turned on by the power rush but also she get enraged as she wants to inflict more pain on a mans testicles, but she can never find a guy who can take all that she wants to dish out, and this enrages her!

This is a very wild interview with a very dominate and sadistic girl that covers a wide variety of topics!

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Duration: 14 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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