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An Interview with Alura Jenson

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An Interview with Alura Jenson

Wow what an Interview! Alura proves without a doubt to be a woman with depth, humor, sexuality and the ability scare a man into holding his balls in fear just by listening to her describe how she will torture your testicles!

This is a 36 minute interview and we do believe this sets an all time record for Longest Interview!

Alura talks at great length about how she would castrate a man…. the intensity of the words and expressions on her face as she describes her method will no doubt grab ahold of you and scare the shittt out of you! This woman should win an award for her ability to describe torture methods to testicles!

Alura tells us that she has sent multiple men to the hospital for injuries she inflicted as well as how much she just loves cum all over her face, down her throat and pumped into her vagina… Alura is certainly a woman for all seasons, plus she has given all of this much thought as all of her answers to the multiple questions are very well thought out and seem to be consistent with a well developed philosophical outlook.

With 36 minutes of conversation, it’s hard to describe everything here, but needless to say Alura covers a wide array of topics as well as showing off her huge 34 H Tits… this is a jam packed interview!

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Duration: 36 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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