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An Interview with Selena

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An Interview with Selena

Right from the start of this interview you can feel that this Selena is a very dominant woman, she’s defiantly not the type you want to pissss off!

Selena tells us that ever since she was a little girl she would always go for the nuts on a boy and that she has perfect aim! She tells us a story about when she was 10 how she kicked this boy in the balls so hard he went to the ground and could not get up and how she got in trouble for it and was sent home.

Selena describes herself as on the wild side and drawn to the fetish lifestyle. She loves to humiliate men, degrade them and especially loves to put them in chastity where she can control when and how they will experience an orgasm! See even goes into how and why she would castrate a man!

If you like to be dominated and humiliated by strong minded take no shiitt attitude women, then Selena is defiantly your kind of Mistress!

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Duration: 16 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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