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Ballbusting Style

TvKLeatherandHoes2Welcome back ballbustees!!

So this week’s topic is ballbusting methods, i.e. kicking, stomping, punching, squeezing, smashing, and the list goes on. My all time preference is kicking and punching. From a woman’s perspective there are a variety of reasons we may enjoy busting but for me in particular it improves my mood, gives me the ultimate warm and fuzzy, and a feeling of freedom Ballbusting takes me to a happy place I’ve never been able to duplicate with any other activity. There’s something very selfless and caring when a guy presents his testicles and allows me to enjoy myself at his painful expense.

To be specific, I enjoy high impact, fast, full-force kicks to the nuts. It’s somewhat competitive so I can gain increasing enjoyment out of a 10-15 minute session. I like to challenge myself to kick harder and harder and with impeccable accuracy (meaning straight to the nuts not the thighs or taint).

I won’t leave out punching a sack of course but the only time I really like to go sack punching is when it’s been filled with a liter of saline or pumped up larger. It’s just exciting to speed bag a fat sack.

So, for those of you out there that are interested I love receiving tweets of self-busting, specifically I want to see smashing or dangling heavy objects so feel free to take some pictures and tweet me!

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Additionally, if you navigate to the video page on you can take the p0ll on what types of ballbusting or CBT you enjoy the most. Thus far needles is in the lead, next is squeezing, and third is ball biting.

Until next time,

Tessa von Kix