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Tops on my BB List

Saline Injection PictureWelcome back BBFL Enthusiasts!

So todays blog is something that’s tops on my BB list of things I enjoy, saline injections! There’s nothing better than a floppy, sloppy and over filled sack. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to fill Bryan’s ball-sack with a liter of saline (2+ hours) but the results is a nice fat sack ready for an imprint.

Of course any time Bryan does this injection, sanitation is key; sanitize everything; your hands, anything you are using to assist and even the chair you’re sitting on. Any time you are using needles for a non-health related reason you run the risk of harming yourself. If you ever decide to do something like this just be mindful of all of the associated risks that come with it.

Why do I like a fat sack?

It’s soooo sexy. I work a cubical job and any time a guy comes to my cubical the first thing I do is look at his crotch in hopes of spotting a nice hearty sack. If I see anything protruding I’m instantly flush with excitement. Next, I try to pull myself together enough to distract him from my thousand yard stare at his junk.

What do I enjoy doing with these bulging balls?

I enjoy this swollen sack of fun in various ways; it’s fun to hit, squeeze, bite, punch, kick, lick, stomp, sit on,  poke and I’m sure there’s at least twenty more things to do. I also enjoy it during sex. It’s stimulating having the extra swinging motion and friction.

How long do tyrannical testes last?

Approximately 24-36 hours. Your body absorbs the saline so in a way you’re hydrating yourself, it’s you own camel hump…in your pants.

Bryan’s advise if you decide to fill-er up…

Beware of the toilet as you balls will touch the water.

Lucky you, the newest video posted on ballbustinfootlovin is a saline filled sack getting the beat down in the sky buster. Watch Belle use Bryan’s testicles as a speed-bag.

Until next Wednesday have a good rest of your week!


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