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Ballbusting Wife | Welcome to the Upgraded Site!

Tessa von KixHe was in the kitchen getting his morning cup of coffee in his usual half awake state. I usually try and give him his space in the morning as I know it takes him a long while before he’s feeling conversational. This morning was different. Thoughts of how warm and loose his ball sack was filled my mind. I started to become increasingly aroused just thinking about how I could over take him and indulge in a little morning testicle play before work. I would have to strategize this a little better. First I’m going to test the water and lightly pass by him and gently lay my hand on his back and check for a response. Done, response was positive. Next, I’m going to wrap my arms around him from the back to the front and massage his groin area..okay looks like it’s working. Now, I’m going to bring my right arm back around to the backside and reach in and grab that loose sack with overwhelming application…ha..ha! He’s shocked, in pain and I’m ready for some fun!

Complements to my husband Bryan Balldacious and all of his hard work! I’m Tessa von Kix and BB Wife blog is a new addition to the website. Bryan Balldacious and I will have been together for 6 years in April 2014. This blog is a place for me to rant, fantasize, and expose our relationship and just how central ball busting is within it. I will post an update every Wednesday for your viewing pleasure and better yet, totally free.

Just a little bit about Bryan and myself, we started dating April of 2008. We met through his mother who had taken my number in a coffee shop as she thought I was a good Christian girl and perfect for her newly divorced son. Well that day came when he called me. I was totally disinterested in meeting up with her son and wouldn’t answer the phone when he tried calling. I let him leave a message and from there decide if I’m interested in talking with him. Needless to say I decided to return his call a few minutes later and we clicked and planned to meet in person. We met at an Irish pub in a midwestern city and the match was a success. After a few beers he asked if I was interested in going to an all night coffee shop. I agreed and he drove. On the way he probed me about my past, my present and interests for the future. We arrived at the coffee shop. Ordered our cappuccinos and sat down to feel each other out a little more. The conversation seemed to become increasingly aggressive an interesting. In one moment, he put his hand around my neck and started playing with my hair then grabbed it a pulled it back…I knew this relationship would  competitive, spontaneous, and exciting whether it lasted one night or or forever. This pretty much ended our evening at the coffee shop and we took the action back t his place. He rubbed me down with massage oil and we enjoyed each others company the rest of the night and slept in till noon. Once we woke up he called his mother back as she had left a message while we were resting. She asked how his evening had turned out and if he liked me. He said he had a great evening and I was still at hi house. She swore that would be the last time she ever sets him up with anyone else. This was our beginning.

From that first meeting we didn’t leave each other’s side. I slept at his house or he slept at mine. Of course at the time he was working
mid-shift 2:00pm-2:00am, 6 days a week, so my only option to get to know this fascinating man was to meet him at a waffle house in-between our two homes and have a very early breakfast. The intention was that we would both go our own way after meeting up but it never happened. Meeting up with each other just made us want to stay together as long as we could till work started all over again.

After a few weeks Bryan started to become more and more open with some of his interests, sexually that is. We were sitting in bed one night (I can’t really remember how he brought this up) he pulled out what looked to be a penis pump. I was thinking, okay, this is interesting. I then soon realized that this penis pump wasn’t for his penis, it was for his balls, WOW! Big balls..I hadn’t really thought about it. He let me increase the pressure every so many minutes till his sack went from probably 5 fingers wide to a good 7-8 fingers and length probably went from 4 fingers to 7 fingers long. This was so freaking amazing. I can’t even begin to explain my first thoughts as there were too many to manage. All I can say was that sex was phenomenal, a nice fat sack slapping against my clit. Best sex ever! Now, this was a very limited exposure to the ball busting world but there are far more stories to come.

This is the beginning and since then we have been together for 6 years so we’ve done a lot more and will continue to do more. I’d like to invite you into our little work of ball busting shoots, our one-on one entertainment and all the funny things that happens in-between.

Thank you for reading and hope you continue to visit.

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Happy Ballbusting,

Tessa von Kix