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Special Treat or Special Tease

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Special Treat or Special Tease

Goddess has a special treat for her slaves, she tells them that they are about to endure a ballbusting competition and the winner will get to eat the pussy of a hot blond girl. This news has the slaves drooling and very willing to engage in a ballbusting competition.

However after all the kicks in a very cold warehouse (making the kicks hurt even more) the slaves are pushed to their limit and doing all they can to stay standing up as their mistress laughs at them, one of the slaves go down and the winner then must take more kicks.

Then finally when the winning slave thinks he is about to eat some tasty pussy all he gets to do is kiss his Mistress on the foot which she then kicks the kiss on her foot back onto his very sore balls and laughs at him even more for his stupidity.

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Duration: 7 min


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