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Ballbustin’ Girls

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Ballbustin’ Girls

Our 200th video shot POV style with Rapture and Tessa von Kix talking about their love of ballbusting and how inflicting pain on testicles really turns them on.

Rapture and Tessa then demonstrate their love on a pair of big ripe balls hanging low just for their picking.

The girls take turn squeezing the balls while the other one punches them. Both grab a ball and squeeze really hard until it looks like they are about to explode! The girls laugh and continue punching the sack of balls.

Tessa takes off her stockings to wrap around the balls to isolate them, then Rapture takes both of her and rams them into each ball from opposite directions causing the balls to crash into themselves resulting in much pain!

Finally Rapture takes the strings of the stockings and plays like the cock and balls are her own personal puppet as she talks for the cock and balls the cock and balls say “Hi Rapture, Bust my balls” Rapture then says okay as she slams her into the puppet’s balls.

There are some really great shots in this clip showing the facial expression of the girls as they squeeze testicles and looking right at the camera as they beat the hell of those big balls! Mmmmm!

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Duration: 12 min


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