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Sex Busting – Part 2 of 3

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Sex Busting – Part 2 of 3

Holly continues to put Beau’s balls to the test as she trains him to titty fuck her while squeezing and punching his balls!

But there comes a point she explains where a man’s balls will plateau and needs an extra boost to truly become strong… that’s where pussy juice come in to play… you see if a man eats pussy and drinks the sweet nectar of pussy juice his balls will become truly tough and powerful! So Holly trains Beau to lick, eat and drink from her pussy while subjecting him to more powerful kicks and knees to his balls.

…and once she thinks he is ready she allows him to fuck her pussy from behind as she squeezes his balls with a powerful grasp!

A preview to part 3 is also included at the end of this video.

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Duration: 24 min


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