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Sex Busting – Part 1 of 3

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Sex Busting – Part 1 of 3

Beau is showing some great results from all the female ballbusting fitness instructors he has seen over the past year and as he makes a new appointment with this new instructor (Holly) he has decided that there is in fact something to this idea of ballbusting while working out.

Holly came highly recommended by Belle who told Beau that Holly would decide whether or not he was ready for the next level of ballbusting that results in testosterone enhanced activities. What this “next level” is he does not know, but he is very eager to find out!

Once Beau arrives and meets Holly they chit chat about the benefits of ballbusting for developing a muscular lean male body…. and like all the other testosterone releasing workouts, this one starts out much the same…. but after Holly is satisfied with Beau’s abilities, she decides that he is in fact ready to move on to the next level….SEX BUSTING!

A preview to part 2 is also included at the end of this video!


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