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Posing Ballbusters – Sophia Fiore

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Posing Ballbusters – Sophia Fiore

With our sixth installment of the “Posing Ballbusters” we bring you the very fit MMA wrestler as well as a drop gorgeous ball smasher…. Sophia Fiore!

Sophia has very powerful legs, you can easily see the size and tone aspects of her legs, she has a very hard body, a muscular ass and some pretty impressive upper body strength to top her off, Sophia Fiore is the kind of Ballbuster that will rip your arms out of you socket and then turn around and rupture your balls!

We love the powerful dominate side of a woman, the sheer force that they can deliver to a pair of balls with a swift kick as well as the sexy sadistic attitude! But we also like the softer side and love to see how a sexy drop gorgeous woman can look hot and sexy but then turn around and bust your balls! That clash of sexy feminine beauty against the powerful FemDom ability of a female Ballbuster is what this series is all about…. Ballbusters in a glamorous light!

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Duration: 5 min


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