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Spread them Wider!

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Spread them Wider!

Brand new to video ballbusting Tyler Aria opens up with a ROAR!

Tyler was so enthusiastic and eager to kick Bryan’s balls full force that she insisted Bryan sign a medical waiver before getting started, so Bryan (being a little scared) signed her medical waiver. With the waiver in hand, Tyler was uninhibited and able to focus on delivering her maximum full force kicking power to Bryan’s poor pathetic balls.

One of the signature elements about this clip is that she kept insisting that Bryan spread his legs wider, and wider, she demanded that he go as wide as he could stretch them apart….. she even kicks his legs open wider which almost make him fall over a few times.

And my god what a beauty! Flowing red hair, big blue eyes, a big lushes ass, sexy feet, a sadistic looking sexy face, powerful kicks…. a girl you would not hesitate to let rupture a testicle!

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Duration: 8 min


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