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Poor Mistresses have Poor Ways

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Poor Mistresses have Poor Ways

Olive is a cruel but poor Mistress, she has a very creative imagination and uses her slaves as test subjects.

In this case Mistress Olive finds items laying around in her garage and gets the idea of making her slave suspend weights from his balls…. the only problem is that she uses thin wire to suspend the weights and wraps the wire around her slave’s ball sack which causes a great deal of pain!

At the end of this video Mistress Olive tries attaching a 5 pound weight (in addition to the 11 pounds already hanging from the slave’s balls) yanks on the slaves cock causing the weights to fall off, but this also causes the thin wire to cut into the ball sack of the slave resulting in the red stuff flowing from his balls! Needless to say we had to end the scene abruptly after the ball sack was cut into by the thin wire…..

This is a very painful scene because Mistress Olive is very sadistic, but also poor… but that does not seem to matter too much to her, it only makes it painful for her slaves.

Poor ways are very painful!

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