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Boy gets His Balls Beat by Older Sister

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Boy gets His Balls Beat by Older Sister

A brother and sister get into a fight because the brother was suppose to pick up the sister from med school where she is learning to be a Urologist.

The sister manages to get home and finds her baby brother playing a game. She is so furious she rips the game console from his hands and demands an explanation.

Unsatisfied with his lame excuses, (and knowing he is afraid of heights) she lifts him up off the couch and carries him around like a little baby. He begs her not to drop him, so she drops him to teach him a lesson.

As the siblings continue to fight the hot older sister puts her stinky feet in her little brothers face, smothering him and making him smell her dirty feet.

Finally the sister tells her little brother all she has been learning about Urology, then she strips his pants off of him and begins to slap and punch his balls which results in the little brother yelling out in pain and agony.

In the end the sexy older sister manages to hold open her little brothers legs spread eagle and deliver a whopping blow to his bare naked balls leaving him in an especially painful predicament that causes him to curl up into the fetal position.

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Duration: 9 min


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