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Oily Cum Ball Stomp

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Oily Cum Ball Stomp

Dakota takes a set of trapped cock & balls and stomps the hell out of them, and as they begin to swell from all the stomping and kicking, she drenches them in oil and continues the cock and ball torture but with harder stomps as well as forcefully sliding her feet together with the balls in between her feet, causing the oil to splatter all over the place and the balls to jam together between her sexy oily feet!

Once the balls have swollen to huge proportions and are all shiny red from the oil and abuse, she thinks it’s time to get the cum out of his balls with a combination foot job/hand hob.

And after the cum has exploded out of his balls, Dakota delivers more stomps to his aching and cum drained balls for even more pain!

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Duration: 15 min


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