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Miss Tierra’s Extended Workout

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Miss Tierra’s Extended Workout

Miss Tierra is very disgusted with Bryan as he was suppose to come pick her up at the gym, but instead he fell asleep on the couch, so Miss Tierra had to walk home.

Now that she is home, she finds Bryan on the couch sleeping, she wakes him up and asks him why he didn’t come pick her up. Bryan gives some lame excuses and then has the gal to tell her that she should just think of her walk home as an Extended Workout. Extended Workout! Miss Tierra infuriated with Bryan, demands that he stand up so that she can show him what her Extended Workout looks like.

Miss Tierra even makes Bryan rub and worship her smelly sweaty feet before smothering him under them and then returning to her extended workout that focuses on his balls.

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Duration: 7 min


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