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His Last Load with Dr. Sarah DiAvola

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His Last Load with Dr. Sarah DiAvola

Bryan goes in to see the ball doctor to see about a problem he has develop as a result of all the ballbusting he has endured over the past year.

The doctor informs him that all the trauma to his testicles has created several Hydroceles and cyst which have to be aspired (drained) in order to prevent a more serious condition.

The doctor tells him that she must insert needles into each of his balls to relieve the pressure and fluid build up inside his testes.

Unbeknownst to Bryan however is that this doctor is not really a board certified doctor, she is a medical sadist who fantasizes of slowly destroying all the testicles in the world!

She refuses to give Bryan any anesthesia (pain killers) for the pain and insist that he take the pain of the needles piercing his testicles like a man!

After she drives a long spinal needle through both of his balls, she then proceeds to insert six (6) more needles into his balls!

Bryan is light headed and in agonizing pain when she informs him that the procedure he just endured will not correct his problem, it will leave him without any balls! Stunned at the news of this life altering revelation Bryan only moans in pain as he is in no condition to resist or to protect his manhood, Bryan is at her mercy!

Dr. DiAvola is not without some heart, she tells him that she will jerk him off and that the cum he blows out (his soon to be worthless penis) will be his Last Load…. she says it with a sadistic smile as Sarah has just rid the world of another pair of testicles….

When Sarah has successfully drained Bryan’s balls of their last load, she makes him taste his own cum and tells him this will be the last time he ever has the opportunity to taste his own sperm!

Dr. DiAvola tells Bryan that she also performs castrations, and now that his balls are worthless he might as well set up an appointment to come back so she can finish the job!

Sarah then decides she will leave him on the table to deal with his predicament, think about castration and run his credit card to pay for the procedure.

But then she changes her mind and decides since Bryan is now in a “Post Cum” condition the pain of removing the needles should be very painful indeed….. and since she is feeling extra sadistic today, she decides to slowly remove each needle and get off on his painful reactions!

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Duration: 20 min


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