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Fighting Over the Working Man

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Fighting Over the Working Man

Rapture is beating up on the Working Man’s balls and taking out other sadistic pleasures when Tessa von Kix walks in confronts Rapture and demands that she stop hurting the Working Man.

Tessa tries to take care of the Working Man by blowing him, but Rapture keeps punching and slapping his balls after Tessa has told her repeatedly to stop. This leads to a cat fight over the Working Man. However as the two fight, they become attracted to one another and actually begin to make out.

Rapture then convinces Tessa that busting the Working Man’s balls is very pleasurable, so Tessa agrees to give it a try over the objections of the Working Man. Tessa likes it so much that by the end of the video she and Rapture are both punching and slapping his balls.

Finally after beating his balls and both getting wet and horny from all the ball abuse, Tessa and Rapture embrace each other and walk off to the bedroom leaving the Working Man in pain and naked on the couch.

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Duration: 9 min


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