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The Foot Raise

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The Foot Raise

A bratty girl goes to the bar to order a drink, she then places her feet up on the bar, the bar tender tells her she can’t have her feet on the bar and that she must put her shoes back on as the establishment serves food and the health code forbids bare feet. The bratty girls tells the bartender that her daddy owns the bar and that if he didn’t rub and worship her feet on the bar that she would make sure he gets fired.

The bartender complies to the bratty girls demands and begins to rub, suck and lick her stinky feet as he desperately needs to keep his job.

Once the bratty girl’s feet are cleaned, she tells the bartender that he did a good job and that she will speak to her daddy about a pay raise, just so long as he continues to clean her feet anytime she comes into the bar.

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Duration: 6 min


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