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Ballbustin’ & Footlovin’ One Thousand Videos Special

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Ballbustin’ & Footlovin’ One Thousand Videos Special

BBFL Exclusive Video!

This is a exclusive video! It is only available at this website.

Ballbustin’ & Footlovin’ is proud to present our 1,000th video!

In this One Thousand Videos Special, Tessa von Kix Interviews Bryan Balldacious for a behind the scenes look at how BBFL got started, all the fun, crazy stuff that has happen since 2011 as well as a long list of questions submitted by a fan of the site!

This is a long 40 minute in depth conversation that is not only informative, but quite entertaining as we review and talk about many of the videos we have produced and models we have worked with over the past 4 years.

Questions such as…

1. What was your first tape?

2. What was your scariest video?

3. What was the most fun video?

4. What was your most painful video?

5. What was your most damaging video?

6. are you going to do more needle play?

7. How did you get into this?

8. How did you meet Tessa?

9. Are you really married to Tessa?

10. It hurts a lot to have your balls punished, why do you stay with this?

11. How do you feel about Tessa’s plan to castrate you?

12. How does Tessa feel about you as a husband?

…and that’s just for starters!

Plus after the interview there is about 8 minutes of video spanning the past 4 years we think were noteworthy!

In this video: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Duration: 40 min

Narrated by: Tessa von Kix


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