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A Ballbusting Beatdown

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A Ballbusting Beatdown

Bryan has spent some good money on a bunch of used wrestling mats and is trying to figure out how to stretch before his work out when Electra comes in and can’t believe what he has done. She decides she will fight him to make him take the mats back.

This young ball of ballbusting energy Electra takes Bryan by surprise as she runs circles around him and pummels his balls from every which direction. Bryan does not know what hit him as she speeds around him kicking, punching, throwing elbows, stomping and putting him in very prone positions that leaves Bryan dazed and confused as he does not know where Electra will strike from next. After receiving a severe beating to his balls Bryan tries to negotiate with Electra to help him take apart the mats and then use her car to take the mats back, this only angers Electra and she pours on even more ball punishment. In the end, Bryan is simple wore down by the repeated blows to his balls, the agility, speed and endurance of Electra and has no choice but to submits to her every demand.

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Duration: 8 min


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