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What are you doing in my shower

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What are you doing in my shower

Miss Tierra is in her Vegas hotel room and preparing to take a shower when she finds a strange man already in her shower. She yells at him to get out… startled, the man looks up and tells her he just put shampoo in his hair and needs to wash it out. Tierra demands that he get out or she will call hotel security.

The man gets out, but the shampoo is getting into his eyes and he can not see very well. Unconcerned with the mans shampoo problem, Tierra begins to kick him in the balls demanding to know what he is doing in her shower.

The man explains that he is a hotel maintenance worker and that he had a date later that evening, he was dirty and did not have time to go home to clean up….. so, thinking that the suite was empty, he decided to avail himself of a quick shower.

Tierra, being the sadistic ebony goddess she is decides to blackmail the man and tells him that he must pay for is intrusion by letting her kick him in the balls or she will report him to both security and his boss.

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Duration: 7 min


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