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Wearing Clothes will get your Balls Busted!

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Wearing Clothes will get your Balls Busted!

Olivia’s slave is in big trouble, he is wearing clothes and sleeping on her couch! When Olivia finds him she is not pleased and makes him get down off the couch onto the floor on all fours.

Olivia decides that the slave must be punished for his disobedience, she makes him strip down naked in front of her and for each article of clothing he will receive 3 kicks to the balls! Once the slave is naked before her it becomes very clear that the slave had been very disobedient as he was wearing 9 articles of clothing! He will thus receive 27 kicks to his balls as punishment.

As punishment is administrated, the slave is in so much pain that he moans, jumps and cry’s to the point he angers his mistress even more causing her to add 10 more kicks to his punishment.

By the time Olivia has finished dishing out the slaves punishment, the slave is on the floor in pain with a renewed sense of humiliation, nudity, pain, and of course swollen balls causing him much agony! Olivia is happy, laughing and satisfied, but warns him that the next time he puts on clothes he will take 10 kicks to the balls for every article of clothing he put on!

Lot’s of slow motion and multiple re-takes of testicle kicks in this video!

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Duration: 9 min


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