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Veronica’s Mean Game

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Veronica’s Mean Game

Veronica jumps into bed with Joe who is reading a book and proposes to play a sexy game with him. Intrigued, he inquires into what she has in mind. She tells him she wants to play a game that involves kicking him in the balls. Joe picks up his book again and says he’d rather read his book. Veronica promises him that she will get naked if he wins.

Joe reluctantly agrees because he thinks he will get to fuck her if he can take her kicks. However Veronica keeps adding rules to the game once she gets him to buy into her getting naked…. First she tells him he must get completely naked, and every time he is able to stay standing up she will take an article of clothing off, but then he has to then put that same article of clothing on.

By the time Joe’s balls are swollen, he looks like a drag queen with busted balls, and just when he thinks he is about to fuck Veronica, she runs out of the room, leaving Joe a victim of her mean game of humiliation, teasing and denial.

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