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Tyler & Jolene vs Lance the Rematch – Part 1 of 2

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Tyler & Jolene vs Lance the Rematch – Part 1 of 2

Who wants a rematch?

Lance comes back for more abuse from this redheaded duo…. he manages to score better than any other guy has against these two, but it only makes these two more aggressive and brutal!

This is part 1 of a 2 part video.

This was another custom request….. the gentleman who ordered this custom had the following to say about this video:

“Tyler and Jolene are all over Lance in this rough rematch and are constantly working for submissions, as the match reaches a new level of competition on both sides.

Angered by the girls’ lack of following the rules when it comes to striking his balls and releasing their holds, Lance really amps up his aggression in this one, to the point where Jolene and Tyler are crying out their submissions as the strong MMA trained frame locks on chokes and kimmuras. But this only makes them hungry for revenge, and after Jolene puts in a mouth guard due to the escalating conflict, the girls are relentless in not releasing chokes, scissors, and their other holds. Lance is whittled down piece by piece and his considerable energy sapped by Tyler’s yoga strong arms that won’t let go. And surprising for Jolene considering her model frame, she seems to enjoy egging Lance into more aggression, as she seems intent on destroying his male ego. Despite his superior strength and skill, Lance falls victim to Tyler Aria’s incredible stamina, as she body scissors and chokes him again and again and again, without even fully releasing the hold each time. Both girls do damage, but it is Tyler that really brings Lance crashing down in the end.

Lance is left gasping for breathe at the end of this one..”

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Duration: 17 min


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