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Tyler Aria vs Beau Ballistic

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Tyler Aria vs Beau Ballistic

We have another mixed wrestling match, this time it’s Tyler Aria vs Beau Ballistic…. Tyler makes this poor bastard pass out and shows him no mercy!

This was another custom request….. the gentleman who ordered this custom had the following to say about this video:

“Tyler and Beau have had encounters before, but those have been domination style matches where Tyler has made Beau tap again and again to her super strong yoga legs. This match allows Beau to fight back to win, and he does so in the beginning of the match. Yet it becomes clear that the the outcome of this match is going to end the same way, with Beau stretched out on the ground, except this time it’s going to be even more painful for him because it’s a real match.

Beau goes at Tyler aggressively out the gates, attacking with a seldom seen ferocity. But it’s not nearly enough against Tyler as she locks on a choke hold that has him tapping, followed up by choke and scissor combos that leave Beau reeling. He continues to mount some offense with a certain level of success, as he taps Tyler for the first time ever. Yet early on in the match he makes the mistake of slapping Tyler back and she really lets him have it, and it’s soon clear that Tyler is more fit and stronger than Beau, her attacks siphoning the energy from his body and turn him into a pathetic wretch as he grows weaker and weaker in the fires of her female aggression. Beau is actually knocked out in one of her choke holds and her scissor holds just bleed all the fight from him. In the end, it’s a truly impressive display of how powerful Tyler Aria is in dominating in this competitive match.”

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Duration: 33 min


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