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Tomiko vs Bryan Balldacious

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Tomiko vs Bryan Balldacious

We have another competitive wrestling match…. This time it’s the highly skilled and fit Tomiko who goes after Bryan Balldacious. This was another custom request that we think you will very much enjoy!

The gentleman who ordered this custom had the following to say about this video:

“Bryan Balldacious in yet another competitive match, this time against the Asian Sensation Tomiko. Tomiko’s background is not in competitive wrestling, but over the last couple of years she has become a force to be reckoned with, and she proves it to Bryan here. From the get go she’s all over him, verbally berating his weakness at letting a girl totally dominate him, despite his best efforts. Her energy is boundless, and Tomiko controls the match from beginning to end. Bryan fights desperately against her skill, but it just isn’t sufficient against her arsenal of holds or her incredible conditioning. Its actually his sweat that saves Bryan a good deal of the time, allowing him to escape some of her holds. Bryan scores some small victories, but is just outclassed against this Japanese beauty. If you want to see Las Vegas’ gorgeous asian femme fatale destroy a fit male in a real match, this one is for you.”

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Duration: 36 min


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