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The Nightly Routine – Part 1

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The Nightly Routine – Part 1

It’s about time to go to bed, but per their marriage vows, Bryan has to let Tessa beat his balls every night before going to sleep.

Tonight, is no different, but Bryan is trying to get out of his duties as a husband to Tessa….. making up all sorts of excuses, like how bad she hurt him the night before and questioning their marriage agreement concerning the fact that this has to happen every single night.

Tessa is having none of it and tells him to get up off the bed and spread his legs wide so she can bust his balls.

Tessa takes full advantage of her husband, kicking his balls in many different positions, bot sensual, sexy and hard, she even gives him a little encouragement by allowing him to suck on her tits and lick her pussy between kicks.

Then Tessa puts Bryan up against the wall and drives her knees into his manhood, over and over again!

During the intense kneeing, Tessa tells Bryan to stop looking down and to look her straight in the eyes so she can see the pain and anguish in his eyes as her knees make contact with his balls…. (during this part we get an extreme close-up of Tessa’s face POV… hot stuff!)

Once she is done beating the fuck out of his balls, she is horny and ready to squeeze the cum out of his balls… which will be in part 2.

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Duration: 18 min


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