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The Mad Doctor

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The Mad Doctor

Dr. Sarah DiAvola is back! And she’s conducting Mad Scientific experiment on the Male Genitalia!

This Female Doctor has gone Mad! She is obsessed with her research of making the Male Genitalia produce ever larger loads of cum!

In this experiment she rams sounds down the penis until she finds one too large to fit…. but that does not stop her, she forces it into her male subjects pee hole with sadistic pleasure….. resulting in excruciating pain and blooood to be released from the penis. Dr. DiAvola hypotheses that an enlarged urethra will aid in ejaculation delivery.

Stage two of this experiment involves injecting each testicle directly with 10 milliliters of saline while the oversized sound remains inside the penis. This she hypotheses will place severe internal pressure on the testicles forcing the sperm out.

Once she finishes injecting each testicle and removes the oversized sound it’s time to test her hypotheses by giving her subject a hand job…. problem is his pre-cum is nothing but blooood and when he finally does give up his load it is pink, a result of blooood mixing with his cum…. Dr. Sarah collects the sample into a test tube for further testing, as she has many more ideas she wants to conduct on other willing or unwilling male subjects…….

This Mad Doctor is just getting started!

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Duration: 31 min


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