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The Jack Shack Bust & Suck

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The Jack Shack Bust & Suck

Beau is visiting his favorite establishment “The Jack Shack” and today he is bringing a box of chocolates to give to his favorite girl who always know how to suck him off just right. But when the secretary tells him he owes them $3,500 and that his credit card had declined, Beau tries to convince the secretary to let him slide today and pay later. The secretary however is not having any of it, and tells him he has to pay today!

After some haggling back and forth, the secretary comes up with a plan for Beau to pay off his tab. The secretary tells Beau for $100 of debt, she will deliver a blow to his balls…. so 35 blows to the balls and his tab will be paid off. Beau reluctantly agrees, thinking that she may be joking and that he might be able to talk her into to sucking him off.

The secretary does indeed deliver 35 kicks, knees, stomps and punches to his bare balls until his balls have paid in full. Once his balls has paid off his tab, the secretary asks him (with a sadistic smile) if he would like to start another tab? Beau of course being a horny man, agrees to start another tab, so the sexy secretary takes off her top and begins to suck on his balls and stroking his cock.

After a long ball sucking and cock stroking session, the secretary brings Beau to climax at which point he blows his load all over her face. And once the secretary has all of Beau’s cum on her face (she tries to milk out every last drop out of his cock and balls)…. she then tells him that this will be his last load as the only way he can pay off his tab now is for her to castrate him!

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Duration: 27 min


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