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The Crazy Steroid Induced Castration

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The Crazy Steroid Induced Castration

Brandi Mae is juiced up on steroids and she keeps eating more and more.

She gets so juiced up that she goes on a ROID RAGE ripping off her shirt, breaking sticks and then finally she decides she need to take her aggression out on a pair of testicles.

She yells out to her poor pathetic boy toy “BOY!”… “BRING ME MY STEROIDS!” As she gobbles down more steroids, she eyes her boy and tells him to take off his pants.

She goes for his balls and decides she wants all the testosterone inside his balls. However prior to getting his man juice out, she thinks she will get more testosterone by beating and squeezing his balls.

Once Brandi is satisfied her boy toy’s balls are ripe for the plucking she goes to the kitchen to retrieve a sharp implement to cut off his balls so she can then put them in a juicer and make the ultimate steroid elixir.

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