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The Challenge

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The Challenge

If you wanted to see a hard full force ballbusting video today, look no further!

Tyler Aria puts on two pair of socks and a pair of black boots to protect her foot so she can deliver full force kick after full force kick to not one but two guys who have been challenged by Tyler to see who can take the most severe ball beating just to get the chance to rub her big ol’ milky white ass.

Unlike all the other guys we have had on Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’ this new guy (Beau Ballistic) gives Bryan a serious challenge and forces both of them into some serious damage to their manhood! Yes Bryan’s manhood get’s damaged so bad in this scene that at the end the red stuff is flowing! And he is hurting!

Tyler is ecstatic that she has two serious challengers and the opportunity to cause permanent damage and believe us she does her best to do just that! And yes she has the signed medical waivers so she is not holding back!

And to add insult to severe manhood injury, the winner of the challenge is in such pain that he can’t get up to rub Tyler’s fine ass, so she laughs at him and walks away.

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Duration: 10 min


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