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Testicle Wrestling X

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Testicle Wrestling X

For our 10th installment of the “Testicle Wrestling” series we bring you an extremely erotic and brutal match between Mutiny and Bryan.

Mutiny does not hold back as she goes for the balls every chance she gets to make Bryan submit to her superior feminine powers, as she punches, squeezes, kicks, slaps, grabs hold of and pulls relentlessly on the balls while holding Bryan in chokeholds, scissorholds, arm bars and several erotic holds we’re not sure what to call.

Bryan does manage to grab ahold of her titty’s and nipples on occasion which only makes Mutiny yell out in ecstasy and in response she squeezes his balls even harder!

Finally she goes for a face sitting ass smother position while squeezing his balls with an evil seductive look on her face!

This is a good one!!!


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Duration: 12 min


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