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Testicle Roulette

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Testicle Roulette

Ariel wants to play a game with her friend Bryan, she tells him it’s called Testicle Roulette, she then leads him on to think the game will end in him getting to have sex with her…. assuming she does not burst both of his balls before he gets to the end.

Bryan begins to feel like this game is more like Russian Roulette and tried to back out, but Arial wags her sexy ass at him and gets him to buy back into the game with promises of getting a piece of her ass.

After the Roulette wheel landing on 9, then 5, then 20 and also falling down on the 19th kick and having to start all over again Bryan is incapable of getting a hard on as Ariel has literally kicked his manhood into Flaccidville for the rest of the evening, so Ariel has to go take care of herself while Bryan nurses his broken manhood.

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Duration: 9 min


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