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Testicle Injection Ejaculation

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Testicle Injection Ejaculation

We defiantly crossed into uncharted Testicular territory with this clip!

Jassie wants her slave to blow a huge load of cum, so she devises a plan to fill each of his testicles with 6 milliliters of saline (12 milliliters total!) to build painful pressure INSIDE his balls! But Jassie first wants to stomp on his balls to make them swell before directly injecting saline into his balls.

After Jassie is satisfied his balls have swelled up enough from the stomping, she then begins the process of injecting saline into his balls to make them even bigger!

Jassie pulls out one syringe and stabs her slaves right testicle….. she slowly pushes the syringe plunger down and as she does, you can see the ball getting bigger! Once all the saline has been injected into his right testicle, her slave moans in pain as the pressure inside his right testicle is excruciating, he begs for her to jerk him off to relieve the pressure…. but this half Japanese girl is just getting started!

She pulls out yet another syringe full of saline which will soon be inside his left testicle!

Once both testicles are pumped full of saline they are very, very hard and the internal pressure is driving the slave mad! He begs for release, but Jassie takes her time and goes even slower ever time he asks for relief.

To make the pressure and pain even greater, Jassie ruthlessly punches his engorged testicles with her fistt as she strokes his cock with the other hand! His balls are pouring out the red stuff as well and her fistt become covered in the red stuff as she punches his balls ever harder!

When the slave finally blows his load it is a massive shot of cum as both testicles fire an orgasm of intense internal pressure creating a powerful ejaculation of force and volume!

NOTE: As Jassie punched the balls harder and harder in this clip, the red stuff just oozes out of the balls and with the addition of all the cum at the end, it looks like a bloooody-cummy mess!

Don’t wait to long to get this clip, the fact is has so much red stuff in it may cause it to be removed very shortly!

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Duration: 12 min


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