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Testicle Boxing

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Testicle Boxing

Bryan meets Electra in the boxing ring where this powerful energetic girl just beats the living shitt out of Bryan’s poor pathetic balls… she delivers a devastating wide range of testicle abuse, to include powerful kicks, knees, elbows, punches and an astonishing number of upper cuts at high speeds to his balls!

Shot in a real boxing ring along with all the tools, props and dress you would expect to find at any boxing ring, this clip demonstrates what a professionally trained female boxer can do to a mans nuts as you can clearly see Bryan being wore down until at the end he is hanging on to the ropes just to stay up, but Electra does not slow down! She finishes him off with a power barrage of upper cuts and punches delivered at high speed to his nuts until the Balldacious man is anything but Balldacious!

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Duration: 8 min


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